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How Does The Program Work?

When athletes struggle with stress, anxiety, focus, or emotional difficulties it interferes with their athletic performance during training and competitions, their academic performance in the classroom, as well as their decision making and behavior off the field/court. People typically do not notice that anything is wrong until it begins to negatively impact one or more areas of their game or even their daily lives. This is the coded language of mind-behavior. The brain takes in sensory information and decides how to act it out (behavior/performance) in order to communicate to you and others that there is a problem. The problem is that all mind-behavior (MB) codes require decoding in order to resolve the issue and make real world improvements in their life. So, as athletes, coaches, and parents notice the athele's performance taking a downward turn or their mood causing problems in their life, they do not always understand why or what is happening. The good news is we specialize in decoding the mind-behavior connections causing mental health and performance issues by strengthening and retraining new mind-behaviors connections using our bluetooth braining technologies: Mind-Behavior Wave headband (remote and digital neurofeedback) & deCODE BLUEprint (remote and digital diagnostic screeners) that will get their minds in control and their game back on track.


Approved by NASA, Harvard University, and ESPN our virtual Mind-Behavior Alignment (MBA) Program is virtual neurofeedback training specifically designed with our:

  • deCODE BLUEprint remote and digital mind-behavior diagnostic screeners and progress monitoring (click to read more)

  • Weekly live video coaching sessions and digital progress reports (reports may be sent to the athlete, coach, and/or parents if desired)


The program measures and analyzes brainwave activity, cognitive functioning, and feedback about an athlete’s environmental and relational factors to determine the cause of his or her performance and behavior. Based on the individual’s results, we code an interactive virtual MB training program for the athlete to engage with using their phone or tablet in which we are able to map in real time. Don’t worry, it’s not like homework. Instead, our MB training programs consist of games and videos that are controlled solely through the use of the athlete's emotional mind (EM), also known as brainwave activity. Learning to control the virtually program with just the EM is how students learn to control their emotions and thoughts, and therefore their actions, in the real world.

The work-life balance for student-athletes and professional athletes is demanding. So, we have designed our MBA Program to be virtual for our clients to use in the comfort of their homes or travel with them during training and competitions.

Our Easy-To-Use Wearable Technology

(at-home, on training site, during travel)


The MBA Program helps athletes who are struggling with:

  • Anxiety

  • Impulsivity

  • Inattention

  • Lack of Focus

  • Controlling Mood and Emotions

Improved Mental Health & Performance Results

  • Self-Regulate Changes in Mental State

  • Eliminated Anxiety

  • Increased Awareness

  • Lowered & Channeled Stress

  • Increased Resilience

  • Improved Focus, Attention, and Engagement

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Improved Confidence

  • Improved Performance




(remote & digital)


  • Remote and digital diagnostic screeners that identify the mind-behavior areas that need to be improved

  • deCODE BLUEprint

  • MB Wave neurofeedback (equipment is shipped to organization administrator, team coach, or athlete's home)

  • 60-minute live video coaching session

Program Process



(remote & digital)

  • Based on STEP 1 results, we personalize your MBA training program for targeted goals

  • Just like strength and conditioning and data driven training, your program will build progressively as you go along

  • We make the training accessible to you through your online client portal



(remote & digital)

  • You complete weekly MBA training sessions remotey (required 12-weeks minimum)

  • We track your progress for each session through our practitioner's online dashboards and conduct a pre, post, and intermittent deCODE BLUEprint and MB Wave diagnostic screeners and share with you also

  • We conduct weekly 60-minute coaching sessions with you through live video